For plan:

My inspired from the Rubik’s Cube. The cube is a small squares of infinite mystery. It has a unique style. The Design Concept:  prominent on the windowsill, to make the building more unique shape. Using the steel structure is better than reinforced concrete. It is very convenient used in design, construction and all aspects of an advantage. The low cost, can be assembled at any time. It is easy assembly, low construction cost, less construction time, secure, reliable, sleek, stable framework and other advantages.


The plan of living pod from the response of layered geometric systems. The resulting extrapolations extend a vocabulary of cubes ,planes, and formalize volumes, walls, and columns. The primary structural organazation is the three-by-three grid that produces the nine square organization. The systemic geometric manipulations within this system and their individuated modifications aggregate to become a record of process. The abstract system emphasizes space over founction and extends it both horizontally and vertically allowing continuity from inside to out.